How to judge how advanced your design idea is...

Simple Design

-You just need some text displayed on an background image/layout.

Somewhat Advanced Design

-You need an image of youself or anything else cut out of its original background and blended into a new background.

Very Advanced Design

-You need elemental effects ex.(Lightning/Smoke/Fire/etc...).
-You need advanced blendeding & retouching ex.(Blending Cut outs of clear bottles into different backgrounds/Skin retouching).
-You need something to be altered to look like it belongs in the scene or is being held by someone ex.(Making it look like your holding a sword/mic/guitar/whatever).

If your not sure which option to choose please use the contact form on the right side of everypage to explain your design to me and we will e-mail you back ASAP with which option I think you should choose.

How Advanced of a Design?
Look/Colors/Layout Idea's

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